The Forcepoint NGFW Security Management Center enables unified , centralized administration of all Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall models. Forcepoint SMC works on all platforms, physical, virtual or cloud-based, in extended and geographically dispersed environments.

Central security management with Forcepoint NGFW Security Management Center (SMC)

Automation for lowering costs

The new generation Forcepoint (NGFW) firewall has been specifically designed for centralized administration in distributed networks. Therefore, using Forcepoint NGFW Security Management Center (SMC), you can configure, monitor and update up to 2,000 Forcepoint NGFW devices from one panel. This applies to physical, virtual and cloud devices.

SMC facilitates mapping business processes into automated security controls. The controls successfully integrate the configuration of VPN, IPS, SD-WAN, critical application proxies and other security features. As a result, you can update policies in a matter of seconds and implement them in your entire enterprise or government network with one click.

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Easy deployment in distributed networks

When choosing security management solutions, their ease and speed of operation are very important. Large networks require a team of architects, implementers, administrators, testers, analysts and technicians. They ensure business continuity and optimal environment configuration. Large teams entail huge costs. However, sometimes different roles can be on the same people, as long as they have tools to automate operations. That is why the ease of use of network solutions after the implementation process is so important.

Thanks to centralized management, Forcepoint solutions enable quick implementation of multi-branch environments. The zero touch deployment mechanism ensures the development of the environment at an unprecedented pace. After planning, the implementation of subsequent locations is counted in seconds. Maintaining a consistent policy is automated to the maximum.

Fast implementation of business processes

Central Forcepoint security management allows you to replace static firewall rules with dynamic, high-level intelligent rules. They implement business processes in a known way, using user categories, organizations, applications, services, locations, activities and more. With Forcepoint SMC, you’ll create groups of different types and use them as part of policies to replace coded values ​​with meaningful names that you can update from one place. Forcepoint SMC will enable re-use of policies (across the entire network) using advanced techniques such as hierarchical inheritance and child policies.

360 degree insight into the company’s network

Forcepoint SMC provides 360-degree visibility into the enterprise network. It collects information about incident management and status monitoring from Forcepoint NGFW, endpoints and other companies, enabling interactive analyzes and detailed reports. By integrating event logs with up to 2,000 machines simultaneously, administrators receive full network performance. Incident response teams can quickly respond to lurking threats.


A large selection of platforms and specific models guarantees matching performance to even the most demanding environments. Regardless of whether the main server room, small branch or cloud computing center is to be secured, all firewalls use centrally distributed policies.

Forcepoint NGFW SMC advantages